Job Duties of a Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager has a wide range of duties.  In most hotels, particularly large ones, the Hotel Manager is responsible for every area of the hotel.  He or she is responsible for all the daily operations of the hotel, which often includes a restaurant (or several) as well as room delivery of food and beverage.  The Hotel Manager is also responsible for catered events such as weddings and parties or banquets hosted by the hotel.  While the Hotel Manager has a large number of duties, this article will describe the duties that relate to food and beverage service in the hotel.

Job Duties of a Hotel Manager

Hotel Managers have many responsibilities.  In large hotels, there can be several restaurants, bars, and food or beverage stations in addition to a hotel kitchen that provides room service as well as catering for events.  Becoming a Hotel Manager requires you to have a wide range of skills, both in the business and culinary arts arenas.  The following are some of the duties that a Hotel Manager will be responsible for that are related to food preparation and delivery in the hotel:

  • Personnel. the Hotel Manager generally has final authority over all hiring decisions in the hotel.  In large hotels that have one or more restaurants, an Executive Chef will have authority over kitchen and restaurant workers.  However, the Hotel Manager will often be asked to make decisions over executive level personnel in the restaurant including the Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager.
  • Banquets and Special Events. in hotels of all sizes, but particularly those with large rooms available for special events, the Hotel Manager will often be asked to coordinate these events.  This can cover a large number of events including weddings, reunions, corporate events, conferences, meetings, and social events such as proms, parties, and dances.  Each of these events will likely be catered by the hotel, and the Hotel Manager will be responsible for ensuring that food service for these events happens as needed.
  • Room Service. many hotels provide room service as an amenity for their customers.  Both large and small hotels may offer guests breakfast service in the lobby.  The Hotel Manager will be responsible for both of these areas, and will need to ensure that customers receive quality food during their stay.
  • Regulatory Requirements. hotels that offer any type of food service are responsible for ensuring that they comply with local regulatory requirements which apply to food and beverage service.  Hotels that serve liquor will also be required to follow liquor licensing codes in order to keep their license.  The Hotel Manager is responsible for all of these statutory and regulatory requirements.

Hotel Manager Salary: How much money does a Hotel Manager make?

The salary range for a Hotel Manager will depend on the size and location of the hotel, as well as the experience and education of the Hotel Manager.  In order to become a Hotel Manager, you should have degrees in both business and culinary arts.  Your degree in culinary arts will make you a much more valuable employee, as well as helping you earn promotions and raises.  The entry level salary for a Hotel Manager in a small hotel is between $35,000 and $50,000 annually.  However, Hotel Managers at large resorts, casinos, or conference centers can often earn upwards of $125,000 each year.  Becoming a Hotel Manager can be a way to combine your love of culinary arts with strong leadership skills in the hospitality industry.